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As a professional

I do my best to deliver work which helps brands grow and business run. Delivering results as well as enriching the world we share is what matters to me most.

And yes, even in this industry I do my best to remain sane.

„Matous is an amazing marketing and communication professional, who always adds a high level of creativity and storytelling into every single project. He is a bright and easy-going person at the same time. I appreciate his straightforward attitude that makes each business meeting more efficient and helps to receive direct yet objective feedback. In addition has a strong knowledge of digital marketing, social media formats and can easily compile suitable online strategy for a specific product or brand. “

Jan Mrštný, Haribo GMbH & Co. KG


As a colleague

„What Matous brings into the environment as a colleague can be described as both the edge and the curve. He has a genuine knack for seeing details and yet putting things into perspective. He makes his work seem almost effortless yet there is a lot of knowledge and thinking behind and he is passionate about it. And last but not least he is not only committed to the job and its results, he tries to make it enjoyable for everyone involved which in my view was always supportive of the prior.“

Anna Bujňáková, Peppermint

My skills:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Brand management
  • Content strategy
  • Conceptual thinking
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media
  • Copywriting
  • Teamwork
  • English (C1)
  • Dutch (B1)
  • German (A2)

There is much more to tell…

I am from Czechia. More exactly Bohemia. And I am indeed kind of „le bohémien“.

Art appreciator. Freethinker. Ukulele player (zero talent). Eclectic activist. Beer fan. Chocolate lover. Innovator creative type according to Adobe.

I feel much more secure to talk about my work or the brands I have worked for than promoting myself this way. But I am more than open to answer any questions you might have.

Matous Hutnik
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